Dr. Robert Schneider to visit the Sydney TM Centre

by TM Australia September 20, 2013

Robert Schneider is coming to Sydney. No, not the comic, another one. It seems to be the year of the medical academic for the Sydney Transcendental Meditation centre. First Fred Travis, and now, Robert Schneider (MD etc).

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TOTAL HEART HEALTH: How to Heal your Emotional and Physical Heart with Maharishi Ayurveda

by TM Australia September 10, 2013

A workshop with Dr Robert Schneider, one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and Dr Tim Carr, President of the Maharishi Ayurveda Association of Australia. A comprehensive side effect-free approach to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease based on the world’s oldest, most complete, scientific system [...]

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Ayurvedic Health Seminar with Dr. Tim Carr in Sydney

by TM Australia August 24, 2013

Dr Tim Carr, President of the Maharishi Ayurveda Association of Australia, will be speaking on: ‘Time-Tested Tips for Health and Wellness’ at the Sydney TM Centre on level 9, 47 York Street from 2pm to 4pm (please arrive by 1:45pm). Topics covered in the talk: * Know your body type * Access your body’s healing [...]

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Dr. Fred Travis visits the Sydney Transcendental Meditation Centre

by TM Australia July 17, 2013

Fred Travis, passed through town the other day. Sorry, Dr Fred Travis, renowned neurologist, specialising in research into the neurology of meditation. We saw learned diagrams of meditating brains and non-meditating brains and non-meditating brains of meditators both long and short-term.

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Comedian Russell Brand Interviews Physicist John Hagelin

by TM Australia April 7, 2013

Russell Brand: Can you for the layman, in case everyone watching this show is not a university educated boy genius, can you explain what Quantum Physics even is? John Hagelin: Quantum Physics today is a little different than 50 years ago. It is exploring the fundamental unity of life.

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