Maharishi Explains the True Meaning of Yoga

This video is from a 1965 interview of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation.

Transcending = The Fulfillment of Yoga

As Maharishi explains, yoga has many aspects to it. Although yoga has become extremely popular, it is largely misunderstood as just physical postures (“asanas”) but this is just one part of it. The true meaning of yoga is “the complete settling of the activity of the mind.” Yoga means “unity” referring to union of the outer, surface levels of life with divine inner levels of life. Transcendental Meditation is yoga and naturally leads to “Samadhi”. Samadhi is a state of mind where there are no thoughts and there is no object of meditation, where the mind transcends and is fully expanded in a state of “pure unbounded awareness.”

The ancient texts from the oldest tradition of knowledge describe Samadhi as the highest human experience, essential for Transcendental-Meditation-girlour full human development. Today, we can confirm this, through modern science, by measuring what happens in the body and particularly the brain during the practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM). We see -

1. A profound state of rest: much deeper than ordinary relaxation, even deeper than sleep.
2. Inner peace and happiness: decrease of stress hormones/increase of happiness hormones.
3. Holistic brain development: measurable through EEG brain wave coherence measurements.

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