The One Practice of Transcendental Meditation has Multiple Benefits

From a spiritual standpoint, the true importance of transcending through Transcendental Meditation is that it allows us to improve the quality of our thinking and behaviour in a most natural, effortless way. It is our thoughts and actions which ultimately determine our success in life. While we might know intellectually that we should eat well and exercise regularly, if we are not happy and content within ourselves, history tells us that we will not keep up these healthy practices for long. According to enlightened spiritual teachers throughout time, working at the level of thought or behaviour, such as positive thinking or behavioural change, does not represent the ultimate way to progress in life. This is because our thoughts and behaviours are merely by-products of a deeper reality—our level of consciousness. Unless we first enliven the silent field of consciousness, the task of thinking more positively, quitting smoking, eating less junk food, or knowing what work is most suitable for us, will always be difficult. This is why the success of most new diets, fad exercise regimes and self-help programs is usually short-lived. Real change must be made from within. It must be made from the level of consciousness itself.

pyramid of transcending

Trying to change behaviour solely on the level of actions, thoughts, or feelings, is usually hard work and time-consuming (if successful at all). In order to make behavioural change more immediate and natural, ideally we need to nourish the most basic level of life—the level of consciousness.

Wise teachers throughout time have declared that the ultimate source of our greatest health and inner contentment does not exist in the outer world of sensory pleasures and 24/7 activity. It resides in the transcendental field of life.

Only by transcending and enlivening our silent inner source can we truly nourish our health and happiness from the deepest level.

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mark bunn About The Author: Mark Bunn is a former AFL footballer who has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for over 20 years. He is trained in both Western health-science and the ancient eastern science of Maharishi Ayurveda. Mark has studied the secrets of the world’s healthiest and longest living cultures, and is the author of the best-selling ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health‘.

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