Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gives a historic lecture at Lake Louise, Canada, 1968

Believe it or not there are over 30,000 hours of video and audio recordings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In these talks Maharishi explains the true nature of human consciousness, the benefits of his simple and effortless Transcendental Meditation technique and the underlying unity of life in the world and universe at large. Many of the precious videos that are now available on YouTube come from Maharishi’s lectures to science symposiums, government conferences, the press and to business people all over the world.

Here is one of the classic tapes from Canada filmed in 1968.

In the late sixties during one of Maharishi’s global tours he was interviewed by CBC in Canada during a special meditation course at Lake Louise. This beautiful video shows Maharishi in nature walking the banks of the grand lake while giving a profound lecture about the nature of life.

Here is a transcript of the beginning part of the video:

“The depth of the lake, and the ripples, and the beautiful reflection of the glacier, reminds me of the story of inner life. The mind is deep like a lake, the ripples on the surface represent the conscious mind, the activity of the mind on the surface. And the whole depth of the lake is silent and that is the sub conscious mind which is not used by the wave. But if, the wave could deepen, and incorporate more silent levels of the water, the waves could become the waves of the ocean – the mighty waves. This is what happens in Transcendental Meditation. The surface activity of the conscious mind deepens and incorporates within its fold the depth of the sub conscious. Nothing remains sub conscious the whole sub conscious becomes conscious and a man starts using the full potential of the mind. And the reflection of the glacier on the water is like the impression that the objects of the mind perceives and as long as the mind is not capable of maintaining its essential nature which is bliss consciousness, so long the mind gets imprinted by the perceptions of the objects and this is called the bondage of the mind…”

Personally this is my favourite Maharishi video available on the Internet. It is so rare to be able to see Maharishi walking out in nature and enjoying the incredible beauty of Lake Louise.

Asher Fergusson About The Author: Asher Fergusson grew up in Sydney and has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for 17 years. He is currently completing his part-time MBA degree at Maharishi University, USA and regularly travels all over the world.
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