Comedian Russell Brand Interviews Physicist John Hagelin

Russell Brand: Can you for the layman, in case everyone watching this show is not a university educated boy genius, can you explain what Quantum Physics even is?

John Hagelin: Quantum Physics today is a little different than 50 years ago. It is exploring the fundamental unity of life.

Brand: The fundamental unity of life? That sounds like a song from Jungle Book!

Hagelin: It started there but it’s exploring deeper and deeper below the atom and the nucleus. Ultimately the this incredibly complex diverse universe yields to fundamental simplicity, fundamental unity at the core of you, me, everyone and everything in the universe. We are fundamentally one at our core.

Watch below for the a glimpse into the humourous interview on Brand X a few weeks ago.

Hagelin: What makes it relevant to a mere human being is that meditation properly understand and traditionally practiced is a technique to take the outward directed attention, turn it powerfully within and to explore deeper and deeper levels of mind. As the mind gets quieter, deeper, consciousness expands and ultimately is experiencing the fundamental unity of life.

Brand: Will anyone be able to do it?

Hagelin: It’s real easy and that’s what’s sort of flipped on it’s head. For so many years the thought was you had to retire to a cave and you had to practice this for lifetimes perhaps. It’s just a question of technique. The fundamental techniques of transcending from the yogic tradition such as Transcendental Meditation are easy and anyone can access universal awareness.

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